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We specialize in a wide array of sturdy, long lasting and attractive seawalls . The choice is yours from the beauty of natural looking pressure treated lumber to the strength and durability of vinyl, aluminum, and concrete seawalls. A seawall (also known as retaining wall) is a defense to reduce the effects of strong waves and will defend waterfront land from erosion.


Vinyl & Aluminum Seawalls

Our vinyl & aluminum seawalls work well in both fresh water and salt water applications. The vinyl material comes in a variety of colors with a 50+ year warranty on the product. These seawalls are extremely durable to withstand brutal conditions and offer one of the best preventions of land erosion. The vinyl and aluminum seawalls can be capped with wood, aluminum or concrete.


Wood Seawalls

Our pressure treated wood seawalls are ideal in fresh water applications. Wood seawalls are aesthetically pleasing and exhibit a nautical look and feel.


Concrete Seawalls

Our concrete seawalls are used exclusively in salt water applications. These are extremely resilient in high exposure and heavy impact locations.